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At the Maes y Lade Centre we understand that young people are all different and therefore learn in different ways.  Recognising this fact means that we work with you in the lead up to your trip ensuring that your experience at Maes y Lade is designed to meet the individual needs of the young people, expectations of the teachers and the overall aims of your school/college trip.


Under the activities pages on his website we have noted some of the learning outcomes that can be incorporated and developed as part of the residential experience and activity programme whilst at the centre.  Whether this is to cover areas of the curriculum, build confidence, have fun, develop team work, simply experience the outdoors or focus on developing life skills, we will work with you as part of this process.




Making a booking is very easy.  Please call the centre to check our availability on the dates you would like to come; if the centre is available we will hold your provisional booking for fourteen days, giving you enough time to send a booking form and deposit to us.  We will then work with you to develop an activity and residential programme that best meets your requirements.  Full payment for your trip will need to be made ten weeks in advance of your stay.


If you wish to make a preview visit you are very welcome to do so.  Simply contact us on 01497 847236/ 07813 688 318 or you can email and we will be very happy to arrange a suitable date and time for you to come and see us.


You can access the Leader’s Handbook for Maes y Lade by clicking Maes y Lade Trip Leaders Handbook





This is our number one priority and you can visit our specific safety page by clicking on the link.  Please note whilst we do a number of things to dynamically assess and manage risks in outdoor activity to reduce risk, it is impossible to remove risk completely.  The safety page covers Maes y Lade’s Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) Licence, Safeguarding and DBS, Insurance, Staff, Risk Benefit Analysis and other useful information that need to be read prior to your booking.





As stated above, activities are programmed in consultation with you.  You can read more about the activities that we offer and learning opportunities on our activities pages.  We will provide you with kit lists and other appropriate information once we have programmed in your activities.  A sample kit list is available here.



Consent Forms


Parental Consent Forms and Medical Forms contain very important information which we take into account when planning the residential experience.  These forms must be collated by the group leader and sent to us a minimum of two weeks before your group arrives at the centre.  We can provide a standard consent and medical form if required.



There is room for 63 guests staying in doors (rooms vary from 3 – 11 beds), camping is also available on site.  See the facilities page for further information about the accommodation at the centre.


We can cater for your group during your stay or if you prefer you can self-cater.  Both residential buildings (see facilities page) have kitchen facilities.  If you chose to be catered for, we would programme an appropriate menu in consultation with you prior to your stay.

If at any point prior, during or after your booking, you wish to clarify anything or ask a question please feel free to contact us on 01497 847236/ 07813 688 318 or you can email

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