Essex Boys and Girls Clubs is run by a registered UK charity working primarily with young people in Essex and East London.

Set up in 1939 as part of the Boys’ Club Movement and deeply involved with the development of Youth Football and Youth Boxing, we remain true to our roots by supporting independent youth groups. Today we support 140 independent voluntary youth groups, Boys’ Own clubs and grassroots sports clubs, providing diversionary activities for more than 15,000 teens (11-19yrs) and advice for over 1,000 volunteers. At over 80 years old, the words of our founders still ring true today, that “the best antidote to the gangster spirit is the club under wise leadership in which its members learn self-discipline & unselfishness for the sake of the rest.”


We support the amazing volunteers who run these clubs to ensure they are sustainable in the long term. We also provide an extensive program of activities and events to create opportunities for young people aged 11-19 to develop their character, enhance their skills and build their own bright future.


We have at our core an adventurous ‘can-do’ spirit, maintaining the ethos that young people develop positive skills and social responsibility by taking on challenges together.  We recognise the value and learning opportunities that the outdoor environment provides and have been running residential experiences and courses for many years that encourage young people to get out there and realise their potential.


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