The safety of visiting groups is our number one priority at Maes y Lade Centre and we wish to maintain our excellent safety record. In order to achieve the highest levels of safety possible, we do the following:


Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) Licence

  • The Maes y Lade Centre is a registered adventurous activities provider with AALA (License No. L49950 / R2187)


Essex County Council Registration

  • Essex Boys and Girls Clubs is a registered activity and residential provider with Essex County Council Evolve System


Staff Qualifications

  • All staff leading activities for Maes y Lade Centre will hold either the relevant National Governing Body (NGB) qualification, or a ‘Statement of Competence’ signed by an appropriately experienced and qualified person.


Risk Benefit Analysis

  • The Maes y Lade Centre produces operating procedures and risk benefit analysis for all its outdoor activities. These documents are checked by Technical Advisers and are reviewed annually.
  • While leading activities Maes y Lade Centre staff dynamically assess and manage the risks of the outdoor activity. Risks can be reduced, but cannot be removed completely.

All our Operating Procedures/Risk Benefit Analysis are available on request.


Outdoor Equipment

  • Maes y Lade Centre provides all the specialist equipment that groups will need for outdoor activities. The equipment is regularly inspected to check it is safe and fit for purpose.


Medical and Consent Forms

  • Visiting group leaders should collect full relevant medical information for all the young people attending the residential.
  • Maes y Lade Centre will programme the outdoor activities with visiting group leaders before their visit. It is the responsibility of the visiting group leader to get parental/guardian consent for all young people attending to participate in the residential and the activities.
  • Maes y Lade Centre can provide a standard medical and consent form if required.


First Aid

  • The visiting staff should include a designated first aider and they should bring a suitable first aid kit with them. A first aid kit is provided in the centre for emergencies.
  • All Maes y Lade Centre staff are qualified first aiders and will carry an extensive first aid kit with them when leading activities.


Supervision of Young People

  • Maes y Lade Centre staff will supervise the young people while on activities.
  • At other times, the visiting staff will be responsible for ensuring that young people are monitored and supervised appropriately.
  • Maes y Lade Centre staff will help the visiting staff with supervision in non-programmed time during the day if required, but will not normally be on site overnight.
  • During any period when Maes y Lade Centre staff are not present at the centre, an Emergency Contact will be on call.


Incident Reporting

  • The Maes y Lade Centre has a formal incident reporting system, covering both accidents and ‘near misses’. Incident reports are initially considered by the Centre Manager and to identify learning points and are also reviewed by the County Director of Essex Boys and Girls Clubs.
  • The Maes y Lade Centre complies with RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995).


Public Liability Insurance

  • The Maes y Lade Centre through Essex Boys and Girls Clubs holds £10 million of public liability insurance cover.



  • The Maes y Lade Centre as part of Essex Boys and Girls Clubs works with their designated safeguarding officer to ensure that it stays up-to-date with ‘safeguarding and child protection’ issues and applies best practice.
  • All staff working at Maes y Lade Centre have had an Enhanced DBS check.
  • The Maes y Lade Centre aims to provide a supportive and caring environment for all visiting groups.


Site Safety

  • The Maes y Lade Centre works to comply with legal and best practice guidelines in relation to all areas of its operations (e.g. fire regulations, electrical and gas safety, food hygiene standards).
  • The centre is fitted with a fire alarm system and fire extinguishers which are subject to regular checks and maintenance as per industry guidelines.
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